Our Story


Truly Great Coffee

We drink coffee every day. We drink it in the morning to wake us up, we drink it in the evening after a meal. We drink it iced on a hot day, we drink it with whisky in the winter. We're serious about coffee. So we opened a coffee shop. 


Sourcing coffee from only the best local roasteries, we endeavor to make every cup amazing. 


Ever curious, we experiment regularly with new blends and techniques in order to bring delicious and invigorating creations to our customers. 


We're serious about coffee, so we opened an independent family run cafe where coffee is our passion.

Our Sustainability


We think that the foundation of great food and drink is great ingredients. Thats why we have chosen Union Coffee to supply our coffee beans. Ethically sourced and with an emphasis on roasting, Union have been at the forefront of speciality coffee since their inception in 2001. They roast fresh to order and source beans from sustainable farms from 14 countries. If anyone knows their beans, its Union. We do not tolerate single use plastics, and all of our cups and disposables are eco friendly. We also re pack our used coffee for customers to take home as free compost!

Micro Bakery


We've been baking long before we opened Peaberries. From Eclairs and Cakes to Petits Fours and Danishes, we have baked them all, and we're good at it. Having trained as a patisserie chef then working in several restaurants as a Sous Chef, we thought it was time to do something for ourselves, so we opened Peaberries! 

'Peaberries is an independent coffee shop that emphasises ethical sourcing and wouldn't look out of place in Shoreditch'

Jennifer Cox, The Sunday Times

41 High Street




Mon-Sun: 9am - 4pm


01621 929477


We have received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for consistently achieving reviews in the ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ catagories. read our reviews here.

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